Let’s Go to the Gym.


Well, it’s January, which probably only means one thing for many people: “I want to start eating healthier and go back to the gym.” Has anyone ever gotten a gym membership in January that’s NEVER been to a gym before? I doubt it. Of course it’s a cliche to make declarations of self-improvement in the New Year. It’s so cathartic! And even though it’s totally hip nowadays to decry these resolutions as misguided and unproductive, I say Bah! Go ahead and try to better yourself. Healthy eating (Not a DIET) and exercise are good for you, and they make you feel good too. Not just physically, but mentally. And after you get past sore muscles, you feel limber and lighter. I hate carrying around a heavy body, but worse yet is my ankles and hips feeling achey. Taking daily walks always made it better.

Anyway. In the last year I went from one pair of leggings, a sport bra, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt to like, 10 pairs of leggings, 8 more hoodies, quality running shoes and a really nice sport bra. I LOVE workout clothes. I like working out, but I LOVE the clothes I get to wear. I probably lust after gym clothes more than anything else these days. They’re comfortable, they’re efficient, and brands go the extra mile now to make them ultra-stylish. Like, if I were going to be on a space ship (in the future, where I can walk around and stuff ala BSG) I’d be wearing workout clothes; they’re essentially built for the same purposes.

Anyway, AGAIN.

I honestly love going to the gym, too. I love my gym. It’s huge, and it’s always full of people. There’s energy and ambience. No harsh lights. Carpeting! A juice bar! TVs everywhere. Rows and rows of treadmills. I can really just disappear in that place. Plus a cozy locker room, sauna and pool is always nice. I like working out. What makes me happier to work out is rocking an insanely cool workout ensemble. It energizes me, makes me feel confident and motivated. When I look good, I feel good & I look good.gym&tonic

Pose Top – For Yoga. After a good yoga sesh — and they are really good when they’re good, you want to wrap yourself up in something soft and slinky. Yoga is kind of like a fitness nap. Mm, so cozy.

S’well Bottle – For HYDRATION. DUH. These are designed with eliminating plastic bottles forever in mind. Plus, they’re insulated; 12 hours for hot drinks, 24 hours for cold. And? Extremely good looking.

Dri-Fit T-shirt – Nike and Running are practically synonyms, and this is a hot t-shirt to go running in.

Racerback Tank – I’m obsessed with this brand. They’re like American Apparel for the gym – but without all the creepy porno ads. Very minimal, basic gym wear that could really just be worn anywhere.

Wireless Earbuds – Don’t be this guy.

GapFit Breathe Hoodie – Another one for post-yoga, or a brisk lake-side walk. It’s got thumb holes. It’s so cozy.

Cold Weather Leggings – I’ve pimped these a lot. They’re insane coziness, and great for running – both indoor and outdoor.

Trail Half-Zip  –  For anything. Look how flattering this *probably* is.

Wunder Under Pant – Patterned leggings always win.

Flyknit Metallic –  Nike owns running. And their shoes are mad comfy.

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