Life List: Run a 5k

5K-1I’ve never been a runner, but I have tried. In 2009 I could run a solid 2 miles without stopping (2 whole miles!). I’ve talked before about what happened in 2009 though. I lost a bunch of weight, was pretty healthy, but I also turned 21 and that was *fart noise* the end of that for a while.

I first decided I wanted to run a 5k long ago. I knew it was possible because of the Couch to 5k program. Seemed like an achievable goal. Just needed to start running. Well, I didn’t really start until like *a couple months ago*. I registered for the Turkey Day 5k though so I knew I was going to run regardless. I just never did the program. In fact I didn’t run much of all in the lead up to this. On the day of, I was kind of in a daze, like, I couldn’t even picture that I was about to have to run 3 miles.

Plus, I was super cranky. It was cold and snowing that morning, and I was in between how much clothes I should wear. I was also annoyed at Alan for asking me a thousand questions about where I go and what wave I start in (the answer was: any wave I feel like). I was also completely on my own, as my sisters dropped out (read: never registered) due to various reasons. So, I didn’t feel like having my picture taken pre-race. I was sad. I couldn’t get excited. I almost just wanted to walk away because this isn’t the way I wanted to do my 5k.


Taken by Alan unbeknownst to me. Gotta teach that man how to use a camera.

But I just sucked it up and did it anyway. They said don’t wear earbuds but I ignored that rule of course. I felt it was important to have a carefully tailored running playlist that would start out getting me pumped, carry me through the middle, and then lift me up at the end when I felt I couldn’t keep going. Oh man. That playlist is so good.

With the sound of the horn, I started in a little trot, and weaved my way through the crowd to a little spot where I could keep a steady pace, and I was kinda doing it! I think my problem with running before was that I was starting every run with a view to gun it. Starting out at a moderate pace – just quicker than walking – was the key. I glided to the first mile marker with ease, and the second mile was exhilarating. Mile 3 was a struggle (first of all, there’s a long slow incline in mile 3 – come on guys), and it’s when I probably walked the most during the race. Once I turned the corner on 1st Ave and could see the finish blocks away, I pledged to myself that I would keep running and not stop.

Even though I was totally bushed, I still made sure to yell “Feel the Bern 2016!” to some guys with a Bernie Sanders sign. I made it across the finish line right around 9am, making my time probably 43 minutes which is not bad at all for someone who didn’t train a lick.

I couldn’t find Alan at the finish line, even though he was there, and he didn’t see me finish. It was a disappointing end. I didn’t get to tell him how good the race was, instead I just cried because nobody saw me achieve this thing that was important for me to do. Probably cried because I had just run 3 miles without having eaten any food too and I was tired and sore and feeling a lot of feelings.

The grocery store was open though! So Alan went and got us Bloody Mary fixings! Because he wanted to do something nice and I was feeling crummy after doing something so hard and good. So we drank, and all was well. What’s next, 10k? Yeah, let’s do that. Can’t wait.5kHey, you could say I have a thing for Nike. Yeah. I find their clothing to be incredibly cool and sexxxxy. I would dress myself fully in Nike all the time if, you know, I had an endorsement deal or something (cuz $$$).  Hat, Shoes, Leggings, Shirt, Socks, Hoodie.

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