Winter *is* Coming (whether you like it or not)

WINTERISCOMINGIf I could, I would like to rebrand this blog as your official guide for Learning to Love Winter™ as I am an outspoken advocate (because the season is short on those). I think a lot of people I know probably have no problem with winter; it’s the whiners I have a huge problem with. That’s what inspires me to write these. THE COLD IS YOUR FRIEND, PEOPLE. And like, in 50 years winters will be a thing of the past (probably. I mean, I’m not a climate scientist).

I want people to love winter because in Minnesota at least, it’s something you have to deal with, and people who live here? Complain about the weather so much it’s pathetic. It may be cold, but winter has a rare beauty that is not matched by any other season… People complain about the dark, but it’s pretty dark in the fall too.

Anyway. I hope you will indulge me in the coming months. Because I’m going to keep posting about this stuff until you all love winter. Or die trying.

For a successful winter, you need to be dressed properly. And luckily, there is no shortage of stylish digs that are also functional (people who don’t live in wintry places don’t know/understand this). I can personally vouch for ~all of these (the scarf: no. I haven’t received it yet. My guess is if you order this thing now, you’ll get it in January)WINTERISCOMING2

  1. North Hat by Askov Finlayson. These hats are super popular in this area. A real status symbol, if you will. Plus, with every purchase, Askov (owned by the Dayton brothers, our super great governor’s sons) donates to Climate Generation in an effort to Keep The North Cold.
  2. Big F, Little F at Cotton Bureau. Another popular design, this has been brought back a few times now. I have this design in black on gray heather (which is an older campaign, this new one is pretty dope too). I also can’t stress the quality of these sweatshirts. Cotton Bureau does great work. (Protip: You can get any design that speaks to you the most, though I of course will always recommend brandishing “Feminism” loud and proud).
  3. Winter Leggings by Lou & Gray. I was surprised when I got these, first of all, by how well they fit (always a risk when purchasing bottoms from a branch of Ann Taylor Loft), and how warm they are. Plus they have a reinforced waistband which is AWESOME as I have a problem with leggings sliding down my wide hips. Would be excellent for winter running or wearing to the office.
  4. Toasty Transit Coat from ModCloth. I bought this just recently during their week of sales, because it was cheap (<$100) and had great reviews. It fits super well, is nice and long (a commodity as a larger women) and the toggles and oversized fur hood are very charming. Plus it’s actually very warm. I have a couple Columbia down jackets (also a recommended brand), but this is a great everyday coat for wearing to work or like, the movies or something.
  5. The Pembroke Cowl by Yokoo. Yokoo has a NYT profile written about her, so you could say business is going well, and seems to have no sign of slowing down. After many years of wanting one of these, I finally ordered my scarf in the beginning of October and I don’t think it’s even been made yet. So, be prepared to wait.
  6. People Socks. These are THE BEST SOCKS. So cozy and warm. Plus, the dude on the website is super cute. I recommend buying several pairs and wearing them for days.
  7. 1460 Boots by Doc Martens. A classic boot. Not necessarily designed for winter, but they’re sturdy and keep weather off your feet (just make sure to keep the Wonder Balsam close by). Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to wear winter boots (just look out for ice, and wear tall, warm socks).

For more cozy fashions, I got a Pinterest board you may be interested into. For stunning photos of winter guaranteed to give you butterflies, I got a board for that too.

Happy Wintering.  snowflake

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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