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cc56c15c5fb49a3c3040eae570dff7632016 is right around the corner, friends, and be advised – the time is now to snatch up a cool calendar. I feel like wall calendars are a bit like wristwatches: mostly obsolete. We can check the time and keep appointments on our phones now, but there’s still something cozy and precious about continuing to carry the time on me, or to decorate a space with the current month. I just went ahead and purchased out Stendig Calendar for the year 2016 (they sell out like crazy fast) and look forward to a whole ‘nother year of minimalist graphic goodness covering our kitchen wall. CALENDARS2

  1. We love the Stendig Calendar – as I mentioned, we had one this year filling a pretty substantial gap in our kitchen (you can see it peeping out in this post), and it’s become a ritual every month to get out the giant level to tear it off. I have all the giant pages still and plan to use them as Christmas wrapping. You can buy it here for a pretty good price, although they are moving FAST. This is an extremely popular calendar in the blogosphere.
  2. I had this Kikki K day planner, and I used it a lot until I stopped needing to plan covers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I love that huge, simple type treatment on the front. They come in tons of sizes – and styles – too.
  3. Charley Harper was a dynamite illustrator from the mid century – you can almost certainly find his work in any modernist’s home. A calendar is a cheap effective way to get those super colorful and painstakingly geometric illos on your wall.
  4. A lot of calendars on Society 6 were kind of a toss up, but this one jumped out at me right away. It’s fun, colorful and has a very distinct Scandinavian influence. Would make a really cute art print on its own. I might get one for my cubicle even.
  5. Speaking of calendars I’m definitely going to get – how cute is this? And with the frame? We usually keep a calendar on the side of the fridge for date keeping (the Stendig is almost purely for decoration).
  6. Our calendar of choice on the fridge this year was this gorgeous Gem + Mineral calendar, which I waited over a year to use, and it sat in my office patiently throughout the last few months of 2014.
  7. Lastly, I’ve been a great admirer of Anna Bond for years and years, and she just can’t be stopped. This Folk calendar from Rifle Paper Co is really beautiful and would go anywhere. At the end of the year I would trim it down and boom! You have a bunch of little prints to hang about your dwelling.

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