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While going through my laptop recently I opened a forgotten folder titled “bedroom makeover” that I’d created back in the winter. Our bedroom (not pictured) was the first room in our house that we attempted to gussy up, and it didn’t work out super well. There is molding around the center of the wall, and we decided as a team that the walls should be two-toned. Alan originally suggested white on top and dark blue on bottom. I wish we’d gone that route. Instead our room is two shades of stormy blue, which sounds nice, but it’s very dark and dour much of the time. It’s also a small room with a large bed, and four tiny Ikea dressers. Ugh. It depresses me. So I made some moodboards – still following the blue theme, because not every room can be black and white, but brighter! And fancier! I did a few variations, all with a few of the same objects — kind of like the “Making it Yours” feature on Making It Lovely. Moodboards are such fun: BEDROOM1

It’s got some brass fixtures which isn’t really my thing, but I like the look. Plus, it would be a good opportunity to match up the master bathroom as well. Lamp, Ocean Print, Leaf Poster, Pillow, Curtains, Drawer, Knobs, Deer Hook, Bed, Duvet CoverHumidifier, Rug.

It’s bright, nature-y and a touch whimsical. Also, I have not found a better place for cooler hooks and knobs. BEDROOM_3

A slightly different version: Just a different lamp and hook, and with the addition of this charming candleBEDROOM_2And then, boom! Blue dresser, which I think would be really lovely and dramatic. Blue is the most calming color, and it makes sense that you’d want your bedroom to be outfitted in it. Grays, neutrals and blues for a grown up bedroom.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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[…] A while back, I shared a few moodboards for the bedroom which I created even further back. How much progress has been made on the bedroom? Basically none. Why? Simply not a priority. I regret most of all that we painted it these shades of blue. I like blue. It’s probably my favorite ‘color’ (besides gray and black and white), but these colors depress me. I long for something airy to wake up to. Crisp white walls, crisp white bedding… Ah, to dream! Since this is one of the few rooms in the house that has two windows, it would seem wise to capitalize on that. The other problem: The bed is enormous. And it’s fully upholstered, making it attractive to the cat as a scratch post. […]

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