Take me to CHVRCHES

This is my 200th blog post!  640d7308a265833084450da056c526d0 copyCHVRCHES-27

I had the pleasure of shooting CHVRCHES for City Pages on Saturday night. If you aren’t aware of these guys, definitely listen to their music. They’re carrying on a synth pop tradition passed down to them by the likes of New Order and Depeche Mode. When I heard they were coming to Myth (the shittiest venue in the greater Twin Cities), I immediately asked to shoot, because I knew it would be a visual feast and I wasn’t wrong. CHVRCHES-25 CHVRCHES-29 CHVRCHES-30 CHVRCHES-20I wish every band would use giant animated light boards. Low, The National and Lizzo had the same tricks at Eaux Claires, and they were the best bands to shoot by far. Shooting a band that has an unpredictable light display does pose problems, though. Since I shoot in manual, it can be hard to keep up. Because I learned a hard lesson on Friday night shooting FFS at First Avenue (light changing ever second) and because I was feeling stupid that night, I thought “I don’t want to bump the ISO too high because of noise.” SO WHY DID I GET THIS CAMERA if I’m going to insist that I take shitty low light photos? Effin’ think, Caroline.

So I shot in auto ISO, and even though Lauren Mayberry was moving all over the stage and the lights were constantly changing, I had a much easier time shooting without having to worry about how much light I was letting in. One of these days, I’ll feel comfortable working with shutter priority.CHVRCHES-56I used my ever trusty Sigma 18-35 and borrowed the most coveted Canon 70-200 2.8 is II from my friend Anna. You get three songs at shows. I shot the first two wide and the third in close up. CHVRCHES-53And thankfully, Lauren Mayberry is very photogenic, even when she’s bee-bopping around the stage like a little woodland fairy.CHVRCHES-50 CHVRCHES-46CHVRCHES-45CHVRCHES-58Thank you CHVRCHES for being The Dream.

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