Fall Weekend


As I mentioned, my sister and I went on this fall retreat this past weekend, in the very same cabin resort that we attend in the summer. This was the first time I’d ever been there outside of August. You know how when something that used to be special becomes commonplace? Like, every year we go to the cabin and it feels totally normal. It sort of felt like that this weekend, but there was also an element of surrealism. To me, this place only exists in the summer. Plus, it was weird to be there, and not at our regular cabin, and without our whole family, and on a chilly quiet weekend as opposed to a full week, full of activity. 


We got there on Friday evening as the sun was setting. It was unreal! I’ve never seen such a sunset. The whole sky and lake was golden. It was super dreamy. FALLRETREAT-12 FALLRETREAT-14It was just the right amount of crisp air, too. Such a good way to get a dose of fall when I have been trying like crazy to be done with summer. Plus, it reminded me a little of our Upper Peninsula trip, which was a year ago! And had us similarly experiencing fall for the first time that year. FALLRETREAT-18 FALLRETREAT-19 FALLRETREAT-20We stayed in a different cabin; a much smaller one from our usual Lake Place-esque retreat. This was appropriately more cabin-like and cozier for the weekend. Just big enough for two people to coexist quite comfortably. I also had some good lucky with night time photography. The Milky Way was visible most nights, which in the summer it is not (probably something to do with the moon?)FALLRETREAT-24FALLRETREAT-25Astrophotography always intimidated, because was like “HOW DO YOU FOCUS ON THE STARS IT’S SO DARK OH MY GOD.” You need a camera with an LCD live view, a small aperture, a medium ISO, a good tripod and a remote shutter. I’m really impressed with these results. These aren’t very long exposures either. And the lights from nearby Akeley didn’t hurt. FALLRETREAT-23So radical!FALLRETREAT-27The next morning I woke up around 6:30 as I pledged I would, after having not slept well (the fitbit told me). The original plan was to jump in that lake to start the day, and my dad kept saying “it’ll be so cold!” and I was like “whatever man, it’ll be a shock for about 30 seconds and then we’ll get over it, but we’ll have with us a special experience of taking a pre-dawn swim in our favorite lake in the fall.” Anyway, that didn’t happen. Waking up from a warm slumber and then cozying up and drinking coffee is slightly more preferable on a 45 degree morning. FALLRETREAT-28 FALLRETREAT-29 FALLRETREAT-30We made a point of using the cabin-provided cast iron skillet as much as possible, including making swedish pancakes (that was difficult) and some thick bacon. That + coffee + the foksy songs on the skyrim soundtrack, made for a real quaint morning routine.FALLRETREAT-31 FALLRETREAT-32 FALLRETREAT-33 FALLRETREAT-34We went hiking along the North Country Trail , which is like a HUGE trail that I had no idea existed. It’s longer than the AT, the CDT and the PCT. From ND to NY. Damn. We only hiked a couple hours. We would’ve gone further but we heard gunshots in the distance and didn’t fancy being hunted. FALLRETREAT-35 FALLRETREAT-36 FALLRETREAT-37 FALLRETREAT-38 FALLRETREAT-39FALLRETREAT-40 FALLRETREAT-41 FALLRETREAT-43 FALLRETREAT-45 FALLRETREAT-46Always must have fun with the macro lens.FALLRETREAT-51 FALLRETREAT-52 FALLRETREAT-53FALLRETREAT-54 FALLRETREAT-56FALLRETREAT-57 FALLRETREAT-58 FALLRETREAT-59FALLRETREAT-61 FALLRETREAT-62 FALLRETREAT-63 FALLRETREAT-64FALLRETREAT-67FALLRETREAT-68I took so many pictures from here. But, you can beat that view. My little lake.FALLRETREAT-72Yesterday we left “bright” and early, and I drove straight to work. Addie got picked up by her boyfriend, and we left a bag of refrigerables in my car which sat there all day. Lovely. So long until August, cabintown.

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