Image-5Speaking of hair, I got my very first blowout yesterday. It was brought to my attention on Facebook. The Wow Bar was looking for short hair models. I was like, “yeah,” because it was free and I thought I could blog about it. Oh man. I had so many thoughts during this process.

I arrived at the (very chic and fancy) salon with unkempt hair and was offered coffee, which I accepted, even though I’d already had a bunch of coffee and would’ve benefitted from some nice agua fresca instead. Once I became acquainted with my stylist for the day I was given a very nice shampoo in a massage chair and got my tips conditioned, and then a cold rinse. All very fancy. I managed my way through some small talk and had to come clean about not getting my hair done very much. “The last time I went to a salon was before my wedding, last May. Not this last May, but May of last year.” It felt really long ago.

She started by asking what kind of thing I wanted. I didn’t really know. I’d never had a blowout before, and I was doing this because they were looking for volunteers. I had not previously planned to get a blowout. If I had to do it again I would’ve known what to say. Something straight and simple, with a little bit of flipped back bangs. Just a little layering and volume, like my girl Michelle Williams back in the day. But I gave my stylist free reign (nearly) and she said we should do some curls. Again, I was totally thinking this would get me the Michelle Williams look. I didn’t know there were that many ways for short hair to be blow dried. For most of this experience in front of the mirror, I was anxious about how it would turn out. My hair was beginning to turn into sort of a halo around my head, which made me very nervous. But in the end, it turned out sort of ok! Much girlier than I ever would’ve asked for, but still cute.

BLOWOUTWould I do it again? I’m not sure! $35 for a blowout seems like a lot of money for such a basic service (though many women I’m sure would argue that it’s not basic at all! I mean, look at Kate Middleton’s status as hair icon). I wish I would’ve done something like this before my wedding (I did my hair myself) and treated my bridesmaids to it. It lasts one day, and I didn’t really get to show it off because I didn’t have to work long and I went to the doctor. Ha! And while the fluffiness was a major downside in the beginning, as my hair settled throughout the day (and the products seeped in), I was really digging it!

One amusing thing that happened during my session was that the stylist (sweetly) asked if “my partner” would take me out tonight for dinner? I had to say that no, we went out last night (ah darn). But I thought it interesting her choice of word and wondered if she wasn’t 100% sure on my sexuality. After all, I had mentioned I was married, but nothing about who I was married to (and I have short hair, ha ha ha). I was amused by her being so PC, but also appreciated it. Also, instead of “where do you live” she asked “where do you dwell?” which I was down with.

It’s good to pamper yourself every once and a while. I maybe pamper myself too much lately (in the last week I got my nails done and a massage). If ever I was feeling overweight and bloated, or greasy or had a bad breakout or something… I might treat myself to a blowout, if for nothing else just to get my hair played with for an hour and get a nice shampoo and blow dry. I bet mothers of young children would love this service (as I understand from this Cup of Jo post from a few years ago).

I do feel a little prettier and more grown up today. It’d been so long since I’d done *anything* with my hair. It was kind of scary, but made me even more excited about getting to experiment and play with it as it grows out!

Have you ever gotten a blowout? Do you want one?

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