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Hey, how was your weekend? Alan and I did some chill hangs with some friends, as well as some hiking. The weather has been pretty cool and gray since we got back from the cabin, which is perfect. As soon as we’re done with the cabin, I am done with summer. The transition has been going swimmingly. On the one hand, I feel weird talking about fall so soon, because it is August. But, kids are going back to school today, so I’m merely following the trends.

Anyway. I’ve been listening to a lot of the same kind of music lately, and it’s inspired in me a great vinyl buying spree. As I’ve talked about on here, I don’t have a lot of records, which I prefer, because I so rarely use the record player that it seems like a waste. Some albums though, I would like the option to play on wax. Many of them would be my go-to music for fall. Music that is a little sad, ethereal, somewhat folksy, and warm. Last fall I fell deeply in love with The War on Drugs’ album Lost in the Dream. I would listen to it mostly while taking late lunch breaks and walking through downtown Minneapolis while the sun started its descent. Those days were starkly lit and chilled. Same with Sharon Van Etten’s album Are We There. Two Autumns ago, I listened to Daughter’s If You Leave a lot, because I really wanted to love it. It must be an incredibly slow burner, because I picked it back up after a long time and have decided that it’s perfect music for these days. For brighter, sunnier fall days, Angel Olsen’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness hits the spotA few other albums I have played frequently in the fall months are The Horrors’ Skying, Rubber Soul (by the Beatles, did that need to be said?), Louder Than Bombs by the Smiths, and anything from The Cure’s early catalog (namely: Boys Don’t Cry, Faith, and Seventeen Seconds).

What’s your go-to music in the fall?

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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