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Well, cabin week has come and gone, which means that summer is almost over. Every other year, I’d be like, cool, let’s get AUTUMN up in here, like right now. But this summer has been uncharacteristically jam packed with awesome shit. Festivals, campings, cabins, jetset weekends. Neck breaking. Now comes the ease back into routine — which is nice. I’ll miss warm Fridays getting off work and jamming down the highway to some Mac DeMarco.

But, anyway: Cabin week. I’m going to be 100% straight with you. It’s hard to come to the cabin as an adult, when all your happiest memories as a child are wrapped up in the place. Everything else I did when I was young is firmly in the past, with no thought to try and recreate it. With the cabin, every year has a little cloud hanging over it. We *must* play volleyball, we *must* do saunas every night. If we don’t leave the cabin before noon, it’s a wasted day. Too much pressure to make this vacation count, even though every year when we come back, it’s like we never left. I sort of touched on this this last year too. But this is probably not all on the cabin. It’s in the changing environment probably; our cabin gets more full every year. It’s probably also linked to my inability to live in the moment. I seem to almost exclusively live in a fantastical future, or parallel, or the past. Because memories are so wonderful. I try to be better at this. When there is a Moment Happening, and I can recognize it, I stop everything and try to live fully in that moment. It might only last 15 seconds, but it’s like taking a mental snapshot. Now I have it with me.

Cabin roundup post is off to a great start. Let me switch gears here: I really tried to reduce the number of photos this year. I also wasn’t sure how I should approach the blogging. Because last year it was like 6 posts*. I could do it like I did 2 years ago, with a very (smartly) brief rundown with little glimpses and tastes, each photo telling its story succinctly, instead of piling 4 of the same kind-of photo. It’s hard when, every year, you become more and more skilled. This year I definitely don’t think I took as many photos, but I can say with certainly that I took more good photos. And with my awesome new gear, and Lightroom and VSCO set ups, I’m unstoppable. {One downside to my new camera set up is that I now have 4 lenses to switch between whereas before I was using one lens that covered almost the exact same range. That gets annoying when you don’t to carry around your bag with you the whole time. Nearly whole days went undocumented}.

Anyway. I’m going to try my best to keep it to 2 blog posts. I think it can be done. And I will keep the commentary to a minimum. CWC2015-3Ok except I need to do commentary right now because this is not the cabin. This is Chippewa National Forest, which we ventured into briefly while waiting for the resort to officially open. We were just too good and punctual. CWC2015-4CWC2015-6 CWC2015-7CWC2015-8CWC2015-12 And of course I got to have lots of niece time. Oh Vera. I could make a whole blog post for her. She’s hilarious.CWC2015-17Remember Hattie? She’s the best right now.CWC2015-13Rare shot of the cabin interior. CWC2015-24CWC2015-26CWC2015-28 CWC2015-29Oh by the way, I purchased a 40mm Pancake Lens before the trip (it’s so cheap! And so cute!), which I incidentally used to photography pancakes. Lolz. I was nervous; I didn’t think it was going to be different enough from the 50mm (which I also upgraded to 1.4 pre-trip, to dazzling Bokeh effect), but I think it has a place in the kit for sure. CWC2015-31No pictures to speak of, but I got a couple novelty floaties for the lake this year, the clear winner being the pretzel. It’s actually the best floaty that’s ever been invented. Incredibly easy to sit in and paddle, or lounge, or whatever. A divine thing. 100% recommended for your floating pleasure. CWC2015-32Oh Vera, stop it!CWC2015-33CWC2015-35 CWC2015-36Bingo Sundays. Fun with macros. CWC2015-39I took an eyeball selfie after realizing how smart an idea that was. Plus, I got the reflection of the lake at dusk. Can’t beat it.CWC2015-40 CWC2015-41CWC2015-44 CWC2015-45My friends. Reigned it in this year just a little.CWC2015-47 CWC2015-48CWC2015-49 CWC2015-50 CWC2015-51 CWC2015-52For real, someone needs to just pay me to take pictures of flowers all the time. CWC2015-53CWC2015-60CWC2015-54This is a blueberry maple wild rice sausauce, and it’s tasty AF.CWC2015-56CWC2015-58 CWC2015-59  CWC2015-62CWC2015-63Very few pictures taken during the day, as I mentioned. Typically I would leave the cabin around 12-12:30 in my swimsuit, to frolic in the lake or the v-ball court, and carrying a camera sounded like a major bummer. You’re not missing much.CWC2015-64I at last tried out some astrophotography. I bought a rly solid tripod and set up the whole rig before the sun went down, in order to ensure maximum sharpness. My first exposure was 15 minutes (!) long, only to be completely washed out by the cabin lights. I waited until everybody went to sleep and the cabin went dark to take a few (mercifully) shorter exposures, with higher ISO dialed in, to much more pleasing effect.CWC2015-66CWC2015-67CWC2015-68CWC2015-70CWC2015-71CWC2015-72CWC2015-75CWC2015-76CWC2015-77CWC2015-73CWC2015-78CWC2015-79CWC2015-80CWC2015-82Flashbacks to a year ago.CWC2015-83 CWC2015-84CWC2015-85 CWC2015-86 CWC2015-87Something we had not yet tried out yet was family game night in the lodge. It was so pleasant!
This concludes Part 1.

(*Ok I looked, it was actually 8)

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