Oh hi! I took a little break from blogging this last week (mostly unintentional) so I could fly out to New York to visit my friend Anna who *just* got her Master’s Degree in “visual narrative” (I think that kind of speaks for itself?). She did a really really cool project (that I got to help a little on!). It’s been a while since I’d been to NY. It’s not Alan’s jam so this was a true first experience for me: A solo, self-funded trip. Which is NUTS considering I am 27 years old. But I didn’t have a lot of money before. I stayed with my friend Holly, who used to be my Art Director at vita.mn, in Queens (lots of traveling between there and Manhattan, but very cost-efficient). I arrived last Wednesday afternoon after a canceled flight from Chicago to NY  and I got rerouted through Charlotte, and heavily considered taking a long nap until night time, but opportunity and adventure pulled me out (I kinda wish I had slept!). But the plane rides first:NEWYORK-1I hoped to be in NY at around 11:30 AM so I left Minneapolis BALLS early. I saw the sunrise. It was beautiful. I also upgraded my seat to First Class for 50 bucks, because that’s what you do when you’re traveling by yourself and have a little money to burn. Vacation! NEWYORK-4 NEWYORK-5 NEWYORK-6NEWYORK-8 NEWYORK-10 NEWYORK-12I brought a very simple set up with me: One camera body, a 50mm lens, one memory card. That was it. Huge difference from the weekend before. NEWYORK-14 NEWYORK-15 NEWYORK-16Once I finally got to NY, I was hot and exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sleep forever, but instead I decided to go to Midtown and go to the Top of the Rock for some sick photo ops. NEWYORK-22 NEWYORK-23NEWYORK-29NEWYORK-31NEWYORK-34 NEWYORK-35 NEWYORK-37It is very cool up there. NEWYORK-44NEWYORK-47Met up with Anna and her school pals at Barcade, which had great craft beer selections and every arcade game under the sun. I spent about 7 dollars on Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (I regret nothing).NEWYORK-48NEWYORK-50At the end of the night, I found my way back to Queens on a loooooong subway ride. I got there at 1AM and bought a 12-pack of Stella at a Rite Aid. #LIVINNEWYORK-51NEWYORK-53 NEWYORK-54NEWYORK-59 NEWYORK-60Brooklyn Bridges.NEWYORK-62NEWYORK-64 NEWYORK-65 NEWYORK-66I walked through Eataly, which is amazing because Italian food is amazing and I wish I could’ve bought all the food and cooked up a FEAST. But I didn’t, because I don’t live there. NEWYORK-68I went to MOMA with my friend Nick.NEWYORK-71 NEWYORK-72NEWYORK-73 NEWYORK-74 NEWYORK-75NEWYORK-76 NEWYORK-77 NEWYORK-78 NEWYORK-79 NEWYORK-80NEWYORK-81NEWYORK-82NEWYORK-83Got some good, cheap italian food in Little Italy the same night. I was more exhausted than ever. We walked about 20 blocks to Alphabet City to the Pyramid Club but as I was falling asleep at the bar, I treated myself to an Uber ride back to Queens. NEWYORK-84The next day I gave myself lots and lots of time to recuperate and I went to sit in Central Park for a couple hours to sit under a tree, drink an iced latte and read a book. It was a delightful experience (not pictured). Then I went to Anna’s graduation show which was awesome and had an open bar! Then we went to a restaurant that had really expensive burgers and played music I used to listen to 10 years ago. Carrying my camera around became a real annoyance after a while, so my last day in NY I left it at home. Shock. New York is pretty cool. It’s huge, it’s noisey, it smells terrible, it’s full of awful people, but there’s a certain magic to it. I love it there, especially at night. Tons of energy, lots of buzz.

But, Minneapolis is still the #best.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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