The Great Escape


This summer just doesn’t stop. With anniversary trips, music festivals, camping weekends, Morrissey shows… It’s just been a whirldwind, and it’s not slowing down either. This past weekend was in the books as being a low-key weekend in between 4th of July, and the Eaux Claires festival (coming up on Friday), but plans changed a little bit, and I found myself in beautiful central north Minnesota (where my family cabin is also located) on a gorgeous lake with some buddies. CABINWKND-3 CABINWKND-7I feel like there’s a certain smell you can only get in this region. Something about grill smoke being filtered through Red Pines just feels like home to me. CABINWKND-8CABINWKND-11 CABINWKND-12 CABINWKND-14I arrived and was immediately given a raspberry mojito and commanded to get in the water, which I did after about 15 minutes of snapping photos (I had to).CABINWKND-16 CABINWKND-17 CABINWKND-18CABINWKND-22CABINWKND-23CABINWKND-27CABINWKND-26The lake and the lighting and everything was so photogenic, I couldn’t get enough. CABINWKND-25CABINWKND-32CABINWKND-33CABINWKND-34I also developed a couple presets for this series called “Lake Evening” and “Lake Evening II”.CABINWKND-35CABINWKND-37CABINWKND-40On my way up, I stopped at a liquor store and got myself two six packs and two four packs. Then after much consideration, I stopped at another liquor store because I determined 20 beers would not last me the weekend. CABINWKND-41 CABINWKND-42 CABINWKND-43CABINWKND-44In the morning I drank a bunch of french press coffee with my friend Jen on the porch of this cabin — which was pretty high up, and there was a satisfying breeze coming off the lake through the window. Niki made breakfast for the big group of us.  Mornings in cabins are pretty magnificent. CABINWKND-47 CABINWKND-48 CABINWKND-49CABINWKND-54CABINWKND-52The sunshine didn’t really stick around the bulk of the day, but it didn’t stop us all from grabbing a floaty, setting our coolers on the dock, and floating around and shooting the shit all day. In the evening the sun came back just long enough for us to see it set, and then, well, we tried to eat dinner, some of us had a campfire, and then we all went to bed at about 1:30, absolutely spent from this weekend. I sometimes have trouble sleeping away from my bed, but luckily I had the Skyrim soundtrack to lull me into unconsciousness.

The next day I drove back with Jen and I was set on taking a picture of this weird place on Hwy 64, called DAD’S ELWELL STORE. I don’t know what an Elwell store is, and it’s never appeared to be in business, at least when I’ve always driven past it. CABINWKND-55Why?

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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