Wisconsin Weekend


We had a wild-n-rowdy weekend in Wisconsin at our favorite campsite, so aptly named, “Do Nothing.” The week we started dating, Alan and I went there with a few of his friends, and now it’s a yearly tradition. Lots of drinking, lots of hanging out, lots of doing nothing. I thought “cool beans, I’ll bring my camera to get some sweet candids of friends and nature” but it turned out that this was kind of a burden most of the time, AND I forgot to bring it with us swimming. PLUS my tripod, which admittedly, was bought 8 years ago to go with a tiny canon powershot, absolutely sucks and destroyed all chances of any good night time photography. This is a mixed bag, but if I’m going to be an artist, I have to be honest.
CAMPDOS-8The campgrounds are mostly a trailer park. People set up little residences all summer long!CAMPDOS-9 CAMPDOS-10 CAMPDOS-12And when drinking at the campground wasn’t doing it, no worries! There’s a bar 800 ft away.CAMPDOS-13Complete with frozen pizzas hella cheap beer (on Saturday night I ordered Budweiser after Budweiser, words that never came out of my mouth before, and shan’t ever again).
CAMPDOS-18 CAMPDOS-19Afterwards Alan got coerced into hopping in the Apple River, which is literally *right there* on our campsite. I was worried they were going to die, so I shone my big Coleman spotlight on them, and got (what I think are) some hilarious photos. CAMPDOS-24Ah, the harsh light of day, the morning after the first night of CampDos (that’s what they’re called, like doing camping but it’s all turned around and nonsense). Sleeping in a tent, at least sleeping in a tent in my clothes when it’s humid and I am “dehydrated” is so unpleasant. It’s one of my least favorite parts of CampDos. CAMPDOS-27But, like the Try Hards we are, we’d gone to REI before the trip and secured a little camp kitchen. All because I wanted to make coffee in the morning, it kind of spiraled into “Well if we’re getting a percolator, maybe we should get a stove, and maybe we can fry up some food too, so we’ll need plates to eat it on” etc etc. Check out how rustic and quaint though.CAMPDOS-28The most joyful thing that happened on Friday, the legalization of gay marriage nationwide, was with us the whole weekend, especially when this rainbow shone brightly over us, in Scott Walker country. CAMPDOS-30CAMPDOS-38We played lots of Kubb. LOTS of Kubb.CAMPDOS-42 CAMPDOS-44Which technically constitutes as “doing something.” CAMPDOS-32CAMPDOS-45 CAMPDOS-46CAMPDOS-53Old habits kick back in. CAMPDOS-56I would hope that I take a journalistic approach to photographing this kind of weekend. This is an empty tarp that once held firewood, but now holds beer cans and a gatorade bottle.CAMPDOS-60CAMPDOS-62 CAMPDOS-63 CAMPDOS-64While Alan was splish-splashing in the river again, I set to making a feast for us, so I set up the stove at an empty table, got the cutting mat out, the grilling knives, all the stuff. Boiled up some brats and fried up some delicious potatoes. No I didn’t take any pictures of this whole set up because goddammit I was focused on cooking and didn’t have time to wipe my hands off every 2 minutes. Jesus. While cooking outdoors and doing all the prep was very enjoyable, as I enjoy cooking and doing that kind of work with my hands, it was ultimately a little disappointing, because the beer that the brats were being boiled in boiled all the way down and it was not pretty.CAMPDOS-66 CAMPDOS-67While Alan was cleaning up the camp dishes (because we’re egalitarian. If one of us cooks, the other cleans), a sick bald eagle swooped in and perched on a tree across the river. Rainbows? Bald Eagles? Sounds like America is totally on board with gay marriage! FREEDOM M-FERS. I don’t have a telephoto lens, so I used the 50mm in a pinch, and I had to crop way in on these. Still. Pretty cool!CAMPDOS-68On Sunday after we cleaned up the campsite we dragged our wrecked bodies to our buddy Robin’s parents’ house, where we got made brunchhh.CAMPDOS-69 CAMPDOS-71 CAMPDOS-72This is their backyard, which I’m insanely jealous of. CAMPDOS-76 CAMPDOS-77Love takin’ pictures of breakfasts.CAMPDOS-79AmericaDog.CAMPDOS-84 CAMPDOS-85CAMPDOS-91 CAMPDOS-94 CAMPDOS-98We went to look at their vineyard (they have a vineyard).CAMPDOS-100 CAMPDOS-102CAMPDOS-107 CAMPDOS-108And we went to check out this big chunk of land they also own, where those two fine people will be getting married in a year, and I’M going to shoot it! What a scary idea!CAMPDOS-111CAMPDOS-114My body hasn’t quite recovered from camping weekend. And in a couple weeks, we’ll be back for the Eaux Claires festival, where I’ll actually be *working* all day, for two days straight, *and* camping. My my, what have I gotten myself into?

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.



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