I’ll Burn This Whole City Down (RIP Vita.mn)


It was a sad end to a wonderful chapter in my professional life (heck, personal too) yesterday. Vita.mn went to alt-weekly heaven after the Star Tribune bought City Pages, and well, it doesn’t make sense to own two publications that are essentially fighting for the same market, especially when one makes way more money. So my time there was cut short. I mean, I could see it for months that vita.mn was coming to the end of its rope. But I don’t want to talk about that. I had so much fun working for Vita, alongside some extremely talented people. The best of the best! I had the privilege of Art Directing some really cool issues. I got to design a fake six pack of beer, I got to hang out at The Guthrie for a morning, I got to direct a beer photoshoot at the not-yet-opened Surly Brewery, I got in deep with editorial fashion, I commissioned a hot dog illustration. I can’t believe I really got to do all this ridiculous shit that by no means should be a real job because it was too fun. I did some of my best ever work. Some of it was a pain in the ass, as all jobs are, but I never didn’t just love the hell out of it. I snapped a few photos of the very last day of production (and also, my last day in the Star Tribune offices, as I was offered a job at newly acquired City Pages as its Layout Editor, a lateral move with real opportunity),LASTVITA-3 LASTVITA-1 LASTVITA-2LASTVITA-7LASTVITA-5LASTVITA-4LASTVITA-8LASTVITA-9LASTVITA-12LASTVITA-10LASTVITA-11LASTVITA-13LASTVITA-14LASTVITA-15LASTVITA-16LASTVITA-17LASTVITA-18LASTVITA-19After it was all finished, we went out for a drink or seven, and burned up the master set of proofs.LASTVITA-21  LASTVITA-22LASTVITA-23Rest in Peace, Vita.mn. You were too cool for this world. I’m so lucky that I left a piece of myself with you.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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