It’s Gonna be May

CarolineAlan_087Photo by Matt Lien

I tend to think of May as my year marker. I was born in May, so that makes sense. And of course some other stuff happened in May. So now I can measure the years of my life, and the years of my marriage by the same convention. Handy! In the last 12 months, I had more personal growth than ever before. The me from a year ago would probably admire this me now. And there were so many significant things that I didn’t even talk about on here. Well let’s fix that now shall we?

  • I got married to my favorite person in the world, and we went and saw some really cool shit. 
  • In September I had an eye-opening experience with the outdoors and my photography hobby in the Upper Peninsula for my sister-in-law’s wedding.
  • In December, I bought a car. One for an adult!
  • I got a second job in February. An extremely exciting one. A year ago I was on a performance plan at work (i.e. on the chopping block) and super strapped for cash. These 12 months have seen me grow into a person who’s not only capable, but excels at her jobs (and makes sick ca$h money).
  • I got a TATTOO (which I will absolutely be talking about on here soon).
  • My parents and I and all of our coworkers left the historic Star Tribune building for a bright and shiny new offie, and it was sad.
  • I got my new camera which feels like a thousand opportunities every time I hold it.

On the not as sunny side, my depression was really bad a lot of the time. As of now, I haven’t really had a meltdown in a good long time, and now that I’m exercising regularly and eating healthily, hopefully it will go a long way. Depression has always been something that I liked about myself, because I thought it made me special. But it’s such a shitty way to go through life, and I want to get better.

What will my 28th year bring? Well, I’ve got a thousand adventures I want to embark on, including one really huge one. And you’ll always know, because I love this blog and I want it to grow. Happy May!

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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