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Happy Friday! I’m having one, at least. VSCO, which I’ve been coveting for a long time, offered some free presets this week and I’m in the middle of a trial run of Adobe Lightroom CC so I was like “Hell yeah.” I use a few of the filters on photos I took at Lake Harriet last week when I first got my camera. And I am so, so pleased.

I love the soft analog feel some of these have. You might be thinking “But wait, why did you just spend $2000 on camera equipment only to have your photos look like they were taken with grainy film?” And to that I say “Shut your goddamn mouth.”


The new camera can take multiple exposures too, so it really is like film in many regards. It makes me a little regretful though, as I’ve laid out a bunch of cash over the last couple years on actual analog photography. The cost and unreliability of it sort of soured me though. Not that I will get rid of my cameras, but it’s likely they’ll be used less often.

If YOU have Lightroom, and want to have some fun, I definitely recommend downloading the free starter pack.

Another reason I’m so excited about this new development (hahahahahaha) is because Alan and I are going to Atlanta in a couple weeks (my birthday weekend ;-*) for the Shaky Knees Festival. This will be the first time for either of us to be going to multiple days in a music festival. There have definitely been many where we just hit up one day, like Riot Fest a couple years back, or our own Rock the Garden, I went to Lollapalooza once for one day, etc… Anyway, the lineup is pretty exciting.

Except for Sunday, which I’m not so much about. Alan suggested we try to find some museums or state parks around the area instead, because let’s be honest, we might never go to Georgia again. After a little research, and to my great joy, I discovered the Appalachian Trail begins in Georgia, a couple hours outside of Atlanta. I’ve expressed a desire many times in the last year that I want to get into the outdoors more, and see more parks and forests, and I can’t imagine a better opportunity on this trip than to do some hiking in the Appalachians. Of course, the trail we’d actually be on is the AT Approach Trail. But, we’ll reach the Southern Terminus of the trail, and it’s like 8 miles to get there, so like… That would just be a ton of walking. It sounds super hard, and this opens this whole can of worms where I know I’ll want my camera there (and, this actually necessitated the purchase of the Klettersack), and we need to train some.

Still, this was, for the longest time, a trip to a city we had little interest in to do a 3 day music fest, and now has turned into a music festival, plus an exciting hike on a legendary trail. Shit!


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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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