Bags, bags, bags!


It always feels like you’ve got TOOOO many bags! But they don’t make a bag hutch for tech bags. I’ve become a bit oversaturated with bags lately, because you gotta carry stuff… right? I’ve had that Jansport bag since college, when I rightly made the switch from messenger bag (because seriously, so annoying). Then, I got the laptop bag one year because I thought I might be doing more freelance work and therefore it would be practical to have a nice carrying case for my expensive computer. Camera bag 1 was a last minute purchase before our London trip a few years ago, and Camera bag 2 was a purchase before our Lutsen trip in December. Too much baggage (ha ha ha).

I recently took on a second job. It’s contract work, and it’s good stuff, but it involves me carrying around my stuff a lot more than before. This company is located on a particularly huge campus so I’m carrying that damn laptop bag around a TON, and it’s the worst. It’s hard to walk quickly and with purpose when there’s a computer hitting your hip every 2 seconds. I also have to park a lot further from my other, more main job, and it involves walking through some Downtown streets, where I’d prefer not to have to carry a bunch of stuff if I have to (like, a backpack, my purse, a tote bag containing lunch, etc). Ideally there exists a bag for all these needs. For my computer, my camera, my iPad? And whatever other small things I desire to carry, which is my right as a human.

one, two, three, four, five.

These are all some fine looking backpacks. #4 was listed by Outside magazine as a great laptop backpack for hiking. That sounds up my alley, but also I wonder about the practicality of taking a laptop on a hike. #2 has got some street cred, being a Duluth Pack and all. #1 is super slick looking, but I think it comes down to 3&5. This company, Hex, seems to got it down. And if I was going to choose, I’d go with the Convoy Convertible (#5). It’s essentially the urban companion to the Klettersack (#4). It’s got the kind of heritage-y, vintage vibe, plus versatility, and best of all, utility. I could see stuffing my laptop, camera and my ipad in there. It’s got weather coating too, which is handy, since I live in this place called Minnesota. I may regret it someday when it turns out I DO want to hike with my laptop, though.

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