Let’s Get Some Shoes (Part II)


I was disappointed to find I’d already used “Let’s Get Some Shoes” in a post from 2 years ago. It was a dated reference then and it’s even more dated now.  But it’s apt!!

Let’s start over…

Hey. I have lots of shoes but so many of them were ill-advised purchases. I bought some cute D’orsay Flats from Sole Society last spring, for example, and I assumed I’d fit a size 11, because occasionally, I do. The shoes were too big and I didn’t even really get that they were too big until we were past the point of no return (literally). I bought some strappy sandals on Sole Society too, but they’re like, WAY too strappy, and totally not my style at all. I think my style of shoe is something utilitarian, classic and comfortable (although, that doesn’t explain why I bought these boots a few weeks ago. I mean, they’re so incredibly rad)

It’s like I had forgotten about Birkenstocks. To be fair, don’t they have a reputation of being kind of square? Perhaps, if you wear them with floodwater khakis and a magenta v-neck. What about faded black skinny jeans and a boxy white t-shirt (maybe even a cable knit sweater if it was brisk)? Classically casual. Boom.

As I stated just above, I bought a pair of Docs only a few weeks ago, and I love them a TON, but as I’ve found, they’re not always practical footwear, like say, at work. I don’t care that they’re flashy and over the top, but their applications seem limited. They’re totally cool for going out at night. For something a little more minimal though, I think a pair of totally timeless Dr. Martens would be right up my street. I don’t have to go wild on these until the fall when I start wearing boots again. Spring and summer are for sneakers and sandals. And speaking of sneakers….

I discovered these Nikes when I was looking for actual real running shoes to wear since I’ve got a standing desk now and I do a lot of standing and walking. These are way cooler. I bet they’re not really ergonomic, but a trend in footwear I gravitate towards seems to be styled out of the 80s. High top sneakers are cool, what can I say?  Look at Marty McFly and Kanye West. They know what’s up. I wouldn’t actually mind getting some new tennis shoes because my Chuck Taylors squeak when I walk, and it’s very annoying and makes me feel self-conscious when I’m walking through the newsroom at work. Plus they look shabby. But I desire comfort over all, so these Nikes are the ticket.

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