Scene: A Pine Forest in Winter

CRW_7928The week before Christmas I was scrambling. Scrambling because I was about the Art Direct my first fashion editorial for I had no idea all the components of directing a fashion shoot. There is photography personnel, stylists, models, locations, schedules, budgets?? So many things. I am not a “true” Art Director in the sense of title or pay. So I was feeling quite the stress. The shoot was for practical winter fashion. Y’know, how to stay stylin’ in the cold. That week it had been mucky, foggy and brown. It wasn’t looking promising for a winter fashion shoot. Luckily though  it snowed a bit the Tuesday before, and then, miraculously, we got the sweetest, lightest, most idyllic snowfall the morning of the shoot.
The location was at Theodore Wirth — where we had our wedding. Weirder still is that it wasn’t my idea to have it there. But I at least knew how to secure it. That is one of the jobs of the Art Director, I found.
CRW_7906CRW_7940 CRW_7945
CRW_7950 CRW_7951
I brought my camera along of course because I wanted an opportunity to shoot around the park, but it was also a fine chance to indulge in some fashion photography.
CRW_7968 CRW_7978 CRW_7980 CRW_7982
The park has a ski hill adjacent to the chalet and the snow machines were running all day. O, what frosty beauty was this.CRW_7999
CRW_7983 CRW_8001 CRW_7997 CRW_7992 CRW_7990 CRW_7986
Mmm, what a treat. I was not smart though and wore jeans with holes in them, and no base layer, and I wore my stupid cheap Target boots and my feet got terribly wet and cold. Luckily, we had the fireplace room, and I’ve become an accomplished fire starter since I met Alan.

The issue finally came out today if you’d like to take a look:

Boom! Dat fire. I don’t really talk about my actual job on here, or even about being a designer. I’ll start doing it more in the New Year.
I haven’t really known what I wanted to do as my job pretty much ever. I just want to design. But since working at a newspaper, “Art Director” feels like a job that sounded like what I wanted to do. I thought that was a job for more seasoned designers, but due to circumstances at my little “magazine,” a lot of those duties have fallen to me. It’s hard, hard work, but at the end of the day it’s so fun.  Plus, an AD job title can encompass a plethora of duties across the design industry. And, it wouldn’t do to undersell myself. So as far as I’m concerned, I AM an Art Director today.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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