Thanksgiving 2014: Cold Turkey

CRW_6824 CRW_6841Hey, Happy Thanksgiving. Minnesota had a cold one. I did some very light research, and it possibly the coldest Thanksgiving in MN since the 30’s. We started the day at Alan’s Uncle’s house, sharing in some good times and catching up with that side of the family, then raced towards my parents house for the 59th (!) Royce Thanksgiving. We had to stop by our house first though because I forgot the camera. I almost couldn’t document ANY of this.

CRW_6752 CRW_6753
By the way, you like that clever title? Get it because it was really cold yesterday.
CRW_6817 CRW_6839 CRW_6837
CRW_6836 CRW_6835
CRW_6853 CRW_6764
There doesn’t seem to be any stopping the baby boom in my family. I don’t think there’s been a time in the last 3 years (at least) that a Royce cousin has not been expecting.
CRW_6762 CRW_6774 CRW_6806 CRW_6799 CRW_6794 CRW_6770
Hattie’s First Thanksgiving!CRW_6844 CRW_6848
Unfortunately we didn’t have all the 3rd generation there, hopefully next year, where there will be even more.
CRW_6883 CRW_6896Weather can’t stop *true minnesotans* from taking a Thanksgiving walk. We were #blessed with a long afternoon of sunshine. It’s my FAVORITE time of day, in any season.
CRW_6898 CRW_6914 CRW_6913 CRW_6911CRW_6905 CRW_6924Alan found this on the path and gave it to me. A little 1up.
CRW_6936 CRW_6937 CRW_6946 CRW_6942Everything was just pristine, cold and beautiful.
CRW_6955 CRW_6959 CRW_6960Then, pie.
CRW_6965And always, Vera.

Tomorrow it’s ON with Christmas.
It’s so on.

BTW, if you, like me, enjoy constantly looking to the past, you can see how my photo skills (and indeed my editing) have improved since a year ago Here.

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