Monday Wardrobe: Varsity Blues

IMG_0710Hey hey.
Breaking my blogging dry spell by talking about clothes. Namely, what the heck I’ve been wearing lately, and what I’m wearing today. Back in the summertime, right before the cabin, I got a t-shirt which embodied my casual minimalism. I wore it every single day that week. When I got home, I bought 6 more (I have 5 white and 2 black). For a curvy lady, a square t-shirt is *perfect* and it looks good with jeans and jean shorts. Every day I go home from work now and I put one on. In short: I love this t-shirt.
But I’m like, a working lady, and I can’t just wear the same t-shirt to work every day. I mean, I can do that. My job is so lax on dress code I literally could wear the same plain outfit every day. But I can’t so that. I won’t! I decided this week it was time to up my wardrobe game. I have plenty of good clothes, but when I’m faced with what I should wear every morning. It’s so tempting to just throw on a t-shirt and jeans and wear converse! But I’m still trying for a “promotion” here so I thought it was time I started dressing like it.
This sweatshirt is from Target, and the shirt I got at a vintage store years and years ago and I’ve worn it maybe once before. I like the pullover because it’s got the mesh part on the shoulders and across the back, which dresses it up a bit.
The polka dots on the shirt are blue, so I thought I’d wear my dark blue corduroys. I LOVE these pants. I never wear color, but when I found this last fall they became my instant everyday pant. They fell to the wayside over the summer though because you can’t wear cords in the summertime *allegedly*. The shoes are also Target. {Usually everything is from Target.}
IMG_0712 IMG_0713
Overall this outfit seemed very preppy. And I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls a ton lately and it’s like, dude, I could totally wear this outfit to Yale.  The colors and preppiness seem fitting.

So you got your basic business casual outfit here, with a twist! I get it, this is exceedingly vain of me, but my original plan was to stage a scene at home that would capture this outfit, and that would’ve been too much.

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