Crusin’ (in the U.P.) part I

CRW_5285 CRW_5296 CRW_5295
Monday was a big day. There was the wedding, and then a near 3 hour cruise the whole family took in the evening. As a result, I took almost 1000 photos that day. Over 5 GB. More than I took on my entire Honeymoon. By the end of the trip, I had become known to Alan’s family as the one with the camera. The nut who just can’t put it down. I’m mostly ok with it though. Who is going to take pictures of family vacations if NOBODY takes pictures? They’re worth something to me. I have tons of photos of me when I was a kid, and to me that says “My parents made a conscious effort to get out a camera and document this.” These days it’s smart phones, which, sure, they take fine pictures, but it doesn’t feel the same as taking a *real* photo. In my time developing a photography habit, I feel that the growth has been noticeable. I’ve learned about light, exposure, lenses, and it fills me with confidence that if I could learn these things on my own, then I can keep learning, and keep fostering those skills. So now all my family knows about this obsessive hobby and pokes fun at it, but I also like to hope they’re secretly grateful that someone is around, getting all this… Even if I do take it to the extreme.
CRW_5300 CRW_5311 CRW_5343
Did you know Lake Superior is the best lake? Now you know.
CRW_5344 CRW_5350 CRW_5361 CRW_5373 CRW_5380 CRW_5391  CRW_5396 CRW_5410 CRW_5492 CRW_5489 CRW_5486 CRW_5483
I can’t  really emphasize the pleasure I got, running around on this boat, with a crisp, cool air wooshing past me, and the late summer sun on my face, while in a mostly pretty sparsely populated boat, just having free reign to take photos of everything.
CRW_5473 CRW_5467 CRW_5463 CRW_5455 CRW_5452 CRW_5437 CRW_5425 CRW_5424  CRW_5417 CRW_5494 CRW_5500 CRW_5506 CRW_5503 CRW_5509
It’s hard to know where to stop on this one. I choose to stop here. Because I just really like those photo. I don’t know what is in my brain that makes me look at a landscape and think “This reminds me of that video game I like to play.” Alan said it was a tribute to the game developers and their skill in making a realistic universe. I worry that I am become less and less attached to reality, since I’m just thinking about displacing myself from the real world and wanting to insert myself into a digital one. Maybe it’s an innocent sense of escapism. Maybe it’s that I have a huge, constantly running imagination and I always want to picture myself adventuring in a pure, natural landscape, largely untouched by people.  Huh.

Being able to retreat to the woods, on the cusp of fall, staying in a surprisingly cushy, yet still modest hotel — with wifi, and TV, was exactly what I needed, and now know it’s exactly what I really want. Being able to wake up to a view of a quiet lake, surrounded by trees, with french press coffee in the morning, and then go on hikes in the afternoon with my husband, then do work on a little table at night while drinking beers, and starting over the next day. It’s the ideal. Minneapolis, you are great, but to have the immediacy of nature, and a few creature comforts, and not to be burdened by anything else in life, is not something you can totally offer.

I’ll post the second half of the cruise photos later on!

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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[…] Part I is here Ok so I’ve mentioned a few times that this trip — FOR SOME REASON — reminded me of, and subsequently made me really want to play Skyrim. I only play a couple video games to be honest, but Skyrim is one of them, and I LOVE IT. Gorgeous landscapes, mythical storyline, DRAGONS…? You get to be an ancient Nordic hero and I looove that. I gone and purchased the soundtrack while up there in the UP. Go and listen to this song from the soundtrack, called “Ancient Stones,” which is fitting, because our Lake Superior cruise on Monday was ALL ABOUT ROCKS. YES.  See? I brought it back around. I know how to structure a blog post. To be fair, this really reminds me of Fable III. I wasn’t super paying attention, but let’s see if I got this right: The Upper Peninsula was, at one point, just a huge rock. And this was like, MILLIONS of years ago. Mainly, when most of the world was just a big rock. Then like, glaciers and stuff, BOOM, melted, creating a ton of lakes in the midwest region. Minnesota has such a low elevation we got the brunt of the water flow. Hence the state of ~10,000 lakes. Lake Superior carved out all these nice rocks, which are Limestone I believe, and then thousands of years of erosion and rust have givin them a very painterly look, so,  they call them The Pictured Rocks. My sister-in-law mentioned this was kind of a touristy thing, but I believe that sometimes a tourist trap is a tourist trap for good reason (just never go to Madam Tussauds ANYWHERE). Hilariously, we saw a lot of signs for the Pictured Rocks on our way up there, which advertised that they were featured in the Kid Rock video “Born Free.”  I was REALLY sold then. Our nephew, Petoskey, who is actually named after the state rock of Michigan, really liked hanging out with us during this trip, and especially during the cruise. Eventually I lost my window seat facing the rocks so I took a lot of pictures out in the back. Which was more fun anyway, so who cares. *~The Newlyweds~* Alan took a picture of me, after I set up the camera for him. I seriously need to teach him how to just use it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Too many pictures of waves? Make one of them black & white. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Why take pictures of a  FEW THINGS when different things are happening ALL THE TIME? This is why I always have the camera. Afterwards, little niece Athena came running to me (she and Gramma), because she found a big bear, and she wanted a picture of it.  Oh my god, even the 3 year old is ultra-aware that I am a camera fiend. Gahd. Isn’t this the CUTEST? […]

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