Wedding in the woods

CRW_4854“Wedding in the woods” was included on Alan’s and my wedding invitations, but for his sister Jessy, and her now husband Eli, it was actually true.
CRW_4837 CRW_4839
Jessy and Eli have already been together for a long time, and have three children to prove it. Their wedding ceremony was very small, extremely intimate, and also superbly located at the bottom of a waterfall — at the end of a narrow dirt path up hills and under boulders.
CRW_5005 CRW_5002 CRW_5022
To be clear: I was not the official photographer. I was given the OK to take pictures but I also felt sort of awkward doing so, like I was trying to show up the photographer! But an intimate wedding at a waterfall at 10 AM in the UP? I didn’t have a choice, guys.
CRW_4890_1 CRW_4913 CRW_4912 CRW_4910 CRW_5044 CRW_5053CRW_4908 CRW_4903 CRW_4896 CRW_4915 CRW_5043 CRW_4978CRW_4916 CRW_4918 CRW_4919
The ceremony was over in about 5 minutes.
CRW_4920 CRW_4922 CRW_4925
Alan was asked to be witness, too.
They’re pretty cute.
CRW_4929 CRW_4966 CRW_4954 CRW_4946 CRW_4944 CRW_4937
Afterwards a few of us walked to a neighboring waterfall for more photos. Alan and I went because the bride and groom were our ride.
CRW_5113 CRW_5114 CRW_5119 CRW_5123 CRW_5125
It’s like a little fairy forest!
CRW_5138 CRW_5146 CRW_5151
And then, the “reception”….
CRW_5177 CRW_5204 CRW_5203 CRW_5189
Pasties. The local cuisine of the Upper Peninsula. Alan and I got to know these guys pretty well in London. I would’ve eaten 5 of those things but that wouldn’t have been sensible. We got some frozen ones and are going to eat them in about, oh, half an hour.
CRW_5216 CRW_5234 CRW_5228 CRW_5226
Before heading back to the hotel we stopped briefly at the Superior shore to buy boat tickets (which is coming up shortly.)

Congrats, Jessy & Eli! Much love <33

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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Beautiful. The attention to detail is wonderful, and the textures captured in these photos makes me want to reach through the screen and touch everything (and high-five everyone). Thank you for documenting such a special day, and sharing it with the world!

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