Gloomy the U.P.

CRW_4580Attention, younger Caroline from two days ago. PACK LAYERS. For the love of god, pack layers and a rain jacket.
It rained so much the first part of the summer, I thought it would be worth it to buy an actual rain jacket for myself, and I always seem to leave it at home and then it just POURS.
We met up with Alan’s family in their cabin, cooked up some delicious breakfast, played with Star Wars toys (courtesy us) and went  out to look at Waterfalls, which sounded like an unpleasant prospect, given that I only had a zip up hoodie for warmth. I’m still also getting over this cold AND I wasn’t showered at the time and felt gross. BUT. It ended up being alright anyway.
CRW_4610CRW_4622 CRW_4624CRW_4623
This one was pretty easy to get to.CRW_4681 CRW_4687 CRW_4689CRW_4695
And then there was quite a bit of forest to walk through for the next one. Absolutely beautiful path though — it reminded me of some fantasy forest. Then again, almost every landscape makes me think I’m in some fantastical place. This trip has made me think a lot about Skyrim. DON’T ASK WHY….. I ended up buying the soundtrack while on this trip and have been listening to it while editing photos. Woo escapism.
CRW_4703CRW_4706 CRW_4723CRW_4724
It was blustery as hell out there. My mother-in-law lent me a windbreaker at least. Ugh, I was really missing my jacket though. It was brand new. It was a Columbia, and I got it on super sale. :(
CRW_4727 CRW_4736CRW_4737 CRW_4738
This was probably the first time I’ve actually switched between my two lenses.
CRW_4744 CRW_4749 CRW_4753 CRW_4754CRW_4758CRW_4765CRW_4759CRW_4776
LOOK AT THIS RAVEN. After we got back up to the cars, I used the bathroom and came out and this enormous raven was sitting on a post and people were standing around taking pictures.  My god. He was huge.
CRW_4779 CRW_4782
So metal.

Tomorrow is my sister-in-law’s wedding. It’ll be in the morning at another waterfall, and it promises to be much warmer and much sunnier. Can’t wait to show photos from THAT.


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