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CRW_1805Nostalgia is one of my favorite emotions, because of how unfulfilling it is. I’m talented at feeling nostalgic, where everything reminds me of another time or place I long to be, never quite being able to enjoy any moment while it’s present. It’s sort of sad, right? We’ve been going to our cabin place for 24 years now. I miss the days of old, when we were kids, and played in the water all day, or in the arcade at the lodge, and the week legitimately felt like a long time, and the car ride up seemed to take forever. I miss those days. Now, there’s plenty to enjoy about my cabin experiences too. It’s all different though. Instead of playing and jumping and splashing in the lake, I mostly tread water and gossip with my sisters and our cabin friends. Instead of spending hours at the arcade with borrowed money, I can only spend up to 20 minutes tops on Ms. Pac Man.  And even when the weather is fine and beautiful, there’s still something I can’t get on board with about the cabin. I think it’s because I already know I’m going to miss it too much when I’m gone, and I recognize it, but I’m altogether too familiar with the cabin now, where, once I’m there, it was like I was already there, and nothing about it feels strange. But once it’s gone, I miss it. And that’s very frustrating.
Anyway. That’s a bit of a downer introduction of what is supposed to be a joyful roundup of life at the cabin.
As I said, we’ve been frequenting the same cabin place for 24 years now, which is nearly all my life. Up in North Central Minnesota, there is a resort, with cabins, and we go there the same time every year as everybody else who goes there, so it’s like an odd sort of family reunion every time. The problem with this tradition though, is that it is ALL traditions, and if we don’t honor a tradition, there’s a feeling of unfulfillment at the end. This is actually a problem with attitude, that you make the most out of your vacation, and that if it’s a disappointment, that’s on you. Still, it’s hard to think about that in the moment, yeah? So many times during the week did I think “Wow, it’s already [whatever day] and I feel like I haven’t fully realized the potential of this week yet. I felt like that like, every day. But I did do tons of stuff. I was probably just feeling depressed without realizing it.
Anyway, I became a bummer again. I took over 1100 photos Up North, and I tried to condense them as much as I could, but I’m still left with some 200 photos. Most of which I’d like to share. So I’ll break it up like I did the honeymoon and wedding photos. Delightful, right? CRW_1556
lan and I now begin every trip Up North by stopping at Morey’s in Motley off Hwy. 10. They have excellent smoked salmon. It’s so good. Omg. We started going there because for two years I was a pescetarian and that’s good protein. I generally hate salmon though.
This place is super great, and we also picked up some cod to make fish tacos for the family later in the week.
CRW_2692 CRW_2696 CRW_2700
It rained on the way up and back down, but never during the week, which is, these days, an extraordinary gift.
CRW_1568Whereas last year I was still learning the ropes of photography, this year, I had the tools and knowledge, but needed new perspective. I did a lot more “shooting from the hip” and ended up with some great photos, which worried me, because if anything it means when I’m really trying, I’m not doing very well.
CRW_1573 CRW_1572CRW_1592CRW_1654CRW_1657CRW_1659CRW_1686CRW_1689Our first night, after Bingo in the lodge, I walked along the shore and played with Depth of Field, because it’s fun, and the backdrop of the lake provides enough light to get really creative.
CRW_1693 CRW_1697 CRW_1696 CRW_1699CRW_1703 CRW_1704 CRW_1714 CRW_1705CRW_1722CRW_1730CRW_1728CRW_1726CRW_1724CRW_1723
Any one of these could be an album cover. Yeah?
CRW_1716 CRW_1721 CRW_1718 CRW_1731 CRW_1736Already I’m very nostalgic for this time.

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