Wedding IV: Let them eat cake

Just a few more of these. After the ceremony, the bus dropped everyone off back at the Chalet, and the wedding party took a ride around the chain of lakes while drinking Summit Summer Ale out of cans (scene missing). It was delightful. But, back to the Chalet…CarolineAlan_403CarolineAlan_386There’s more of that wedding branding. We hadn’t decided how we would do this until a couple days before. We had a year to plan, and so many things were done last minute. Typical us.CarolineAlan_389The Thursday before, we hadn’t decided how to mark tables. We knew they would all be towns and cities in the Midwest (mostly MN). I ended up using photos I took from our trip Up North last summer. We got the frames from Ikea. It all worked out! We bought a big lot of antlers from, you guessed it, Etsy (this shop). We dipped the milk bottles (from Ikea) in some white paint and bought fake flowers from Ikea and Michaels and I made little wildflower bouquets. They reminded me of taking bike rides up at the cabin through trees and meadows. CarolineAlan_390Alan and I sat at the Minneapolis table, natch.CarolineAlan_397 CarolineAlan_398I collected vintage Minnesota postcards from antique stores, and borrowed old thermoses from my friend Nick, who has about a million. One of my only main disappointments is that that clock was supposed to be taken down. Blech! CarolineAlan_411I was adamant we only have Minnesota beers served, which took some convincing on Alan’s part. Summit EPA is MY FAVORITE BEER. So glad we had it free on tap, so our out-of-town guests could know the joys of this legendary local brew.CarolineAlan_507I painted this big poster because we didn’t really want to do a guest book. This felt way more personal.CarolineAlan_412CarolineAlan_417The Chalet was a great venue to host this wedding. It was rustic and cozy and the swiss design gave it a real vintage campy feel. And the beautiful green everywhere fit so well into our theme. It was a perfect choice! And since it’s technically a Mpls park building, SUPER cheap to rent.
EDIT: Almost forgot, this was our entrance song!
CarolineAlan_421 CarolineAlan_423 CarolineAlan_429CarolineAlan_434 CarolineAlan_445 CarolineAlan_452Alan’s Best Man Andrew gave a lovely heartfelt speech about their history as best friends and where I came into the mix. My sister’s speech, on the other hand… Was off-the-cuff, and a bit snarky, and super super dry. People keep telling me how much they loved it.  My sister do have kind of a less-than-traditional relationship. We’re super close, but not like, bosom buddies, you know?CarolineAlan_459 CarolineAlan_463 CarolineAlan_470 CarolineAlan_471My dad… He’s a real old soul, and a class act, and a well known and very well liked writer in Minneapolis. I’ve seen him give wedding speeches and eulogies and biographical monologues. He kills every time. It’s a hard act to follow. CarolineAlan_482There’s like some thing about the Groom getting up at one point to say some words while his new bride sits and looks on adoringly. I was like, that’s dumb, so I got up to say some words, and to say thanks to all our families and our fantastic vendors. Then we ate burgers and mashed potatoes!CarolineAlan_495We had a simple little cake to cut, as we elected to serve our guests cupcakes for dessert.Dessert_Table Dessert_Table2And like, can you believe how adorable this is? Guess where I got the cupcake picks. ETSY, DUH. We had three kinds of cupcakes! S’mores (natch), A maple, lemon and blueberry (maple because of trees and northwoods, blueberry because blueberry is the state muffin of MN. Yes really), and “The Woodstock” which is based on a spectacular sounding cocktail we couldn’t get from our caterer because we could only get booze from one vendor and it wasn’t them. Just see what’s in it, and decide if YOU would’ve liked to drink this at your Minnesotan North Woods-themed wedding:
The unusual pairing of Minnesota maple syrup with Death’s Door Gin, made of wild juniper berries grown in Wisconsin, unites the deep piquant flavors of the north woods. Sunny citrus tones from orange bitters and fresh lemon bring a little levity to the glass.

The cupcake was maple, with lemon filling, and gin frosting. Gin frosting! It was like, a spicy, peppery thing, and it was a huge hit with guests.


Next: Dance, dance, dance.

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I came upon the Theodore Wirth Chalet yesterday in my wedding venue search and fell head over heels immediately. Then today I found your blog, and I just want to say- without even knowing you, your wedding looks so spectacular and lovely and warm. You have inspired!

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