The Life List

lifelistSince getting married, there’s moments where I think “Now what?” I had this big huge thing to plan for a whole year of my life, and in one day it’s over. It’s actually freeing though, and I feel like I’m blossoming with possibilities. Lately, I keep saying out loud to Alan “I want to learn how to do this” or “I want to make my own that.” I need a list, and a place I can document these goals. What better place than your own blog, right? I want to keep adding to this, because I’m young, and life is full of stuff! Maybe I’ll never ever complete it, which might be the best thing, actually.

(Note: Not all of these are groundbreaking. In fact, most of them aren’t.)

  • Art Direct a cookbook
  • Develop my own hot sauce recipe and bottle and sell that shit
  • Learn how to knit
  • Knit a really big, really awesome blanket.
  • Give all homemade gifts at Christmas
  • Photograph a wedding
  • Learn how to pickle
  • Make really good pickles
  • Make my own Bloody Mary mix
  • Make the perfect Bloody Mary
  • Sew curtains for the kitchen
  • Run a 5k
  • Get an actual nice car suitable for an adult
  • Learn how to screen print for real
  • Learn a B chord on a guitar
  • Have a clean office {perpetually left unchecked}
  • Have a kid!
  • Drive to the Grand Canyon
  • Midsomer in Sweden
  • Make a pizza completely from scratch
  • Host a holiday dinner
  • Replace a kitchen backsplash {without hiring a professional}
  • Learn how to format text on this blog without having to copy and paste every. single. time.
  • Acquire a letterpress
  • Make a great summer cocktail, and have a backyard party where people drink it
  • Build a brick patio for the backyard
  • Go back to New Zealand and take a proper camera this time
  • Go back to London and stay out past sundown
  • Go a weekend without my iPhone
  • Learn how to surf?
  • Own a beautiful canoe
  • Learn how to use power tools
  • Master every English-speaking dialect in the world
  • Have a house with a dark room
  • Have a house with a *sauna*
  • Own a piano
  • Maintain this blog regularly (so meta)
  • Write music and record it
  • Play at 7th St. Entry

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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