What’s Up With That Diet


Couple months ago, my younger sister tells me about this diet she and her chef boyfriend are doing, known as The Paleo Diet. I pride myself on being pretty skeptical and I like to question the validity of things so I was like what the hell is this, this sounds totally miserable. No potatoes, beans, rice, bread, alcohol, dairy… ? Sounded shitty to me. But, she and her boyfriend were losing a lot of weight, so I looked at it a little more closely.

I also kind of doubted it would be something I could do because it’s heavily meat-based and I only eat fish, and even then, not very often. What I had been eating though was basically shit. Frozen pizzas, pop, burritos, chips, beer. I’m a terrible eater, let’s face it. I thought, maybe I could re-appropriate this diet a little bit to so I could cut out a lot of bad stuff, but not completely starve. Instead, Alan and I went full-blown paleo with no exceptions. We’ve been on it about 6 weeks now, and I’ve lost roughly ~20 pounds, depending on the day, having done little to no exercise.

So, what do I eat?

Eggs, avocados, salmon (which I don’t really like), grilled veggies (see my Brussels above), tuna, shrimp, and fruit. I like looking at it like a “back to basics” kind of deal, where processed foods with refined sugars and bad fats are out, and only whole foods I cook myself are in. All healthy fats, no carbs, and a lot of protein and natural sugars. Is it hard? Uh, yeah.

One general criticism I’ve heard about this diet is that cavemen didn’t know better than us what to eat, and we’ve evolved to adopt new ways of living and eating. I’m not doing it because of them, though. I’m doing it to be healthy, and I truly feel healthier while on this diet, and it’s really pretty amazing to see how much shit is in all the food we eat. If anything, this has taught me a lifelong lesson about food. I read this fantastic article a couple weeks ago which talks about the healthiest foods at their most basic and simple, and makes a good point about “diets” in general.

I’m still probably not going to eat meat anytime soon, and I will, in the future, probably turn to a frozen pizza one night for comfort, but I like this way too.

What are your thoughts on the paleo diet?

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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