Analog Summer

A few weeks ago we were at our friend’s 30th birthday which was an entire weekend of camping at a farm with enormous bonfires, bands, awesome drinking games, jell-o wrestling… Everything, man. I brought my camera with to capture all the action and one thing I had not anticipated was charging the battery half-way through. I mean, duh? So, the battery died on Saturday afternoon. I was weirdly depressed about it. I love taking pictures, but I apparently didn’t know really how much.

The following Monday at work I began listening to Paul Simon’s Kodachrome, which is a pretty and summery little love note to taking pictures. And I became so enamored after a while that I did a couple impulse buys in the form of film cameras.

D164951-R01-001 D164951-R01-003 D164951-R01-011

I got a Diana F+ which I’d wanted for years, and a few rolls of film. These were taken in Delavan, Wisconsin, where Alan’s grandpa has a lake house. I love the lo-fi, hazy and dreamy look of these, and playing with double exposure was a new fun experience too. I also got a cheap reusable underwater camera.

R1-06266-0000_0001 R1-06266-0001 R1-06266-0018 R1-06268-0000_0001 R1-06268-0020 R1-06268-0013

Whilst trying to load the film into this one, I fucked it up and that was my only one. But Alan saw how upset I was and drove me into town to Walgreens to buy some more. I used up two whole rolls in the lake in about an hour. What a guy, right?

So I’ve decided this is my summer. The summer of film photography. But really it’s just become the summer of everything. I’m doing more hands-on art stuff, more photography, I finally got a record player I want to bring back to life. It’s kinda like, Analog Summer. The summer of unplugged. Cheers.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.


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