Moodboard: The Winter Blues


Winter, man. Amirite? In Minnesota it can get brutal. I’d say as far as winter goes, the one we’re currently having says “Minnesota Classic” to me. Ahh, fresh snow! Freezing temps! Dry skin!

Cold weather can get people down in a very serious way, so it’s best to find little things you enjoy about winter. Here’s my ways of coping with the cold and dark and dreary:

1. Minnetonka Mocassins. These are THE BEST. Alan got me a pair for Christmas and now I don’t know how I ever lived without them. Not only are the cozy and keep your feet dry (because let’s face it, if you have hardwood floors, they are cold 90% of the time), you can wear them outside and they’ll be warm there too. A few days I’ve even worn them without socks and I don’t notice a thing.

2. Neon Nail Polish. Because it’s fun and poppy and brightens you up to no end.

3. A nice and cozy slouchy t-shirt. The speckled fabric looks extra wintry, and it would be equally cozy paired with some leggings and slippers.

4. Vaseline brand moisturizer. I can’t overemphasize the importance of regular daily moisturizing! The best way to stick with it is to slather it on right after you’ve gotten out of the shower in the morning and toweled off. And THEN, the key is to also do it right before you go to bed. You MUST make sure your hands are nice and soft and warm already; heat makes the pores in your skin expand and the lotion will bond better. I’ve been doing this the last few weeks and my hands are super soft now and not chapping and bleeding everyday.

5. This sweater is cozy and super rad to look at. Cool sweaters may be one of the best parts of cold weather.

6. And finally, if you’ve never had a Mexican Hot Chocolate before, I’m sorry but you haven’t lived. Make sure you mix the hot chocolate packet with actual milk, and do it on the stovetop (just make sure to KEEP STIRRING). Sprinkle in cinnamon and cayenne pepper to your heart’s content, and if you’ve got some, some thick whipped cream on top. This is seriously the most delicious pick me up there is. (Bonus: You can add booze to it, like schnapps or Irish cream for extra fun).

For extra points, listen to something bright and cheerful, like this song, and cuddle with a cat.

Happy Wintering.

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Hi! I'm a graphic designer, photographer and female person. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Alan and our baby son Alexander and baby cat Arya.

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