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Sleepy Kitty

This morning in the middle of making breakfast I decided to play more with my new favorite lens while the cat was sleeping in the sunniest spot in the house — our bedroom window. Ended up being a full cat photo session. Like… Like, a newborn session but with a sleepy kitty.
All of these are just lightly edited. See what I mean about this lens?
CRW_3393 CRW_3392 CRW_3383 CRW_3384 CRW_3386
This little one… She’s the best.

I’m now taking commissions for sleepy cat photography.

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Cabin Country VIII: Contained wildflowers

CRW_2675Finally we come to the end. Phew. Probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for these gorgeous flowers in a box outside our Saturday breakfast destination. Such color! Such lusciousness! In the dramatic morning sun I couldn’t not stop and take 100 photos of these beauties. It’s too bad they’re not actual wildflowers.
CRW_2674 CRW_2687 CRW_2684 CRW_2681 CRW_2682 CRW_2680 CRW_2679 CRW_2677 CRW_2678 CRW_2676

See the full set of all cabin photos here! Thanks for bearing with me.

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Life List: Make a pizza from scratch

pizzaI finally got around to completing something off my Life List  and it’s a simple one, but a big one. Before the Summer started, one of my main goals was to make a pizza from scratch. Why? Because I had a new Stand Mixer I wanted to use, and I felt like it was a good thing to use. I also had a new immersion blender and food processor. Plus I love pizza. The plan was to buy all the ingredients (I wasn’t going to like, butcher my own meat, or make my own mozzarella, sorry) and make dough (which I’d never done before) and sauce (which I’ve done once, but it didn’t turn out well).
CRW_3262 CRW_3277
The dough: It was surprisingly simple to make, and I used this recipe.
CRW_3284 CRW_3288
For sauce I just kinda winged it. Usually, when I’m making pasta with store bought sauce, I always tend to add a bunch of herbs and spices anyway.
I may have to come up with a recipe though because it was SO GOOD.
CRW_3301 CRW_3303 CRW_3306
I could’ve just eaten sauce all night.
CRW_3308 CRW_3311
Yeah, what do you think of that, I grated my own cheese.
Alan fried up some little sausage balls.
Neither of us has grilled a pizza before. It was actually not difficult, though our grill is built into the house (yeah!) and we don’t have a lid, so trying to get the cheese melted was a trial, and our little pizzas ended up with black bottoms.
They were still excellent little pizzas! It was a whole day process though, which wasn’t necessarily too taxing, it was just time consuming and it created mess.

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Cabin Country VII: Talkin a walk

On our last full day at the cabin, Alan and I took a walk.
CRW_2389 CRW_2391CRW_2392 CRW_2400
I got really into taking photos of boats.  It’s such a midwestern thing, boats on lakes. Y’know?
CRW_2402CRW_2424 CRW_2426CRW_2427CRW_2428CRW_2449 CRW_2457 CRW_2461 CRW_2464 CRW_2467 CRW_2483 CRW_2486
Then, we ate pizza at the lodge and played at the arcade. 
Then later, since we follow tradition, we drove into Walker for a meal!
Took these last five in the car. I think they’re really great.
CRW_2538CRW_2573 CRW_2551 CRW_2558 CRW_2569 CRW_2583 CRW_2608 CRW_2610
We walk down to the pier after supper because Walker Bay is AWESOME.
CRW_2615CRW_2650 CRW_2654 CRW_2657
And we spent our last night playing 20 questions ’round the fire in our “back yard.”

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The great credenza odyssey

CREDENZASINCE getting married, we’ve now been spending a lot of time getting the house in order, and buying exciting furniture. It’s a slow, arduous process, but ultimately rewarding. You can’t just buy furniture willy nilly! These things take planning, and budgeting. If you’re trying to create a cohesive style for your house, it can take forever to find the right furniture piece to complement a room. Oof.

So we had these cheap IKEA bookcases on both sides of the fireplace before. You can see it here. They were working OK for awhile, but c’mon, we’re adults. We should have grown up furniture. Having nice furniture would also decrease the amount of stuff just lying out, being exposed. We got rid of the bookcase on one side back in January with the addition of this gorgeous piece of furniture, the Framework Credenza from CB2:CRW_3144Now that we had a nice, understated piece of furniture, we thought we should get a second one for the other side of the fireplace for like, dining storage and stuff. That’s a thing people have. They’re called buffets, or sideboards. K. We thought for a while we should get one that matched this credenza. So we went on the hunt for a boxy, quasi-industrial-modern piece of furniture.img22c
We found this one from West Elm, which was perfect! It complemented the other credenza without being TOO matchy, and it had drawers for storage, and we could still display some books and things if we wanted. We went to West Elm to scope it out, and ordered it, but it was on backorder for a few weeks. In the meantime, we got rid of the bookcases and cleaned the area up in anticipation of its arrival. Power nesting, if you will. Then at long last we received an email from West Elm, presumably telling us the credenza was on its way! Yay! We couldn’t wait! Nope, it was actually no longer available.

Goddammit! Back to square one!

Since then we’d been a bit aimless. Not knowing where else to look for this piece of furniture. We’d exhausted our search of the 4 or 5 furniture stores we know about (Literally: Ikea, West Elm, CB2, Crate & Barrel and Room & Board). Now we had a gaping hole in our dining room area. And worst of all, our radio had nowhere to live except on the hearth.

Then for a while we got really excited about this local furniture maker/artisan WOODSPORT and thought maybe we could justify spending thousands of dollars on a functional work of art. Just take a look around that website, please. The pieces are phenomenal.

Then, my car had problems, and it’s now deemed unsalvageable so I need to get a new one eventually. Also, our chimney is crumbling and we need to fix that. Suddenly we didn’t have a whole lot of dough to spend on fancy furniture. Back to the drawing board. Again.

THEN, last night while Alan was mowing I decided to look through the stores again, just to see if anything popped out at me. I saw this, and even though it wasn’t really in line with the other pieces, it still did look really nice, clean, and functional, and best of all, it was relatively inexpensive. I showed it to Alan and we measured out the space and his exact words were “Well, I’m feeling a little saucy. Want to go get it?”

It’s so awesome having IKEA like, 10 minutes from your house. While waiting in the pickup area we saw two dudes hauling away TEN carts of furniture, likely their one trip to the store a year. That would be the literal worst.CRW_3140Now, that original West Elm credenza, I don’t think would’ve worked as well. It was too rustic, and wouldn’t have stored as much as this new one.CRW_3143Thus concludes just one of the many battles waging in our house at the moment. Homeowners: Does it ever end?

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Cabin Country VI: Even more photos!

That’s right, even more photos. Get used to it.
CRW_2026 CRW_2072 CRW_2127 CRW_2239 CRW_2243 CRW_2245 CRW_2258
My little niece who is two is already pretty good at mugging for photos.CRW_2313CRW_2365
CRW_2288  CRW_2317  CRW_2370 CRW_2368
My cabin reading this year was Stewart Lee’s autobiography. He’s my favorite comedian and I just about devoured the book.
I tried to read Morrissey’s autobiography while up there, but it’s so thick and bloated that it made for very disappointing cabin reading.