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Wedding II: Good Feeling

CarolineAlan_069 CarolineAlan_072More wedding SNAPS. I suppose a bit of the drama of seeing each other before the vows was a bit downplayed considering we woke up in the same bed that day. But our First Look was still a very tender and intimate moment. Just us and the two photographers.CarolineAlan_074CarolineAlan_075 CarolineAlan_084 CarolineAlan_086 CarolineAlan_104 CarolineAlan_111CarolineAlan_101My lovely bouquet was only ordered a few days before this. I loved holding it.CarolineAlan_163 CarolineAlan_156My bridesmaids were my two sisters (on the right) and two of my best friends.CarolineAlan_133CarolineAlan_175Alan doesn’t have any brothers, but luckily he’s got some really awesome friends. I love all these guys!CarolineAlan_199We got tie pins for Alan and his groomsmen from this etsy shop. Alan is the stag.CarolineAlan_198 CarolineAlan_197 CarolineAlan_195 CarolineAlan_196 CarolineAlan_194Super into those gray wool ties too.

Next post in the ceremony!

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Baby Birthday

My niece’s 2nd birthday party was on Saturday. Photographing toddlers in low light = the best photography classroom.CRW_1369 Should’ve added “wrap super cute presents” to my life list. Consider it fulfilled.CRW_1374 CRW_1375 CRW_1376 CRW_1393 CRW_1395 CRW_1397 CRW_1400 CRW_1411 CRW_1413 CRW_1418 CRW_1440 CRW_1443 CRW_1457 CRW_1458 CRW_1461 CRW_1462 CRW_1466

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Wedding I: Calm before the storm

We were both feeling pretty calm the day of the wedding. We woke up together, went up the street to get the flowers, and kissed each other goodbye for a few hours. The only thing hanging over our head (besides getting married) was that there was a pretty much 100% chance it was going to rain at some point. He went off to the hotel we would be staying at that night to get ready with his groomsmen and I stayed at home with my bridesmaids.  All photos by Matt Lien!CarolineAlan_001CarolineAlan_009My dress is from ModCloth. I always knew I wasn’t going to want a big fussy dress. For a while the plan was to have my mom make it because I didn’t think I’d find the right one in a store. Then I saw this one from ModCloth and knew instantly. Within the week, I had it. And it was less than $200. The shoes are from Target which I just happened to come across one day, only a few weeks before the wedding. My little antler earrings are from this etsy shop, the cameo is a family heirloom (my something old AND borrowed I think), and the headwreath is from Bachmann’s, our local gardening giant. Our wedding theme was outdoorsy, campy, north-woodsy, Minnesota. I tried to go for “rustic” but without using kraft paper, burlap, twine, or mason jars. Surprisingly difficult!CarolineAlan_013CarolineAlan_026I did my hair and makeup myself. By sheer chance, I had a great hair day. It’s always a toss up. Thank you, Hair Gods.CarolineAlan_035CarolineAlan_037Arya was there too! She loved the garment bag my dress came in.CarolineAlan_039CarolineAlan_041CarolineAlan_044CarolineAlan_046CarolineAlan_047CarolineAlan_050I was feeling pretty chill. Not sure how or why, because I stress out over things. Although, not as much over time since meeting Alan.CarolineAlan_051CarolineAlan_055CarolineAlan_059CarolineAlan_061CarolineAlan_066CarolineAlan_068I was hoping Alan and his dudes would do something manly like drink nice whisky, and they did. So I was glad about that.

Next will be our First Look and a few family photos!

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Wedding photos are here!

Our photographer Matt sent us over all our wedding photos on Wednesday night. I can’t stop poring over them! I intend to do a big recap over the next week. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from our photobooth at the reception. Oh, Alan…Alan_Photobooth

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The Life List

lifelistSince getting married, there’s moments where I think “Now what?” I had this big huge thing to plan for a whole year of my life, and in one day it’s over. It’s actually freeing though, and I feel like I’m blossoming with possibilities. Lately, I keep saying out loud to Alan “I want to learn how to do this” or “I want to make my own that.” I need a list, and a place I can document these goals. What better place than your own blog, right? I want to keep adding to this, because I’m young, and life is full of stuff! Maybe I’ll never ever complete it, which might be the best thing, actually.

(Note: Not all of these are groundbreaking. In fact, most of them aren’t.)

  • Art Direct a cookbook
  • Develop my own hot sauce recipe and bottle and sell that shit
  • Learn how to knit
  • Knit a really big, really awesome blanket.
  • Give all homemade gifts at Christmas
  • Photograph a wedding
  • Learn how to pickle
  • Make really good pickles
  • Make my own Bloody Mary mix
  • Make the perfect Bloody Mary
  • Sew curtains for the kitchen
  • Run a 5k
  • Get an actual nice car suitable for an adult
  • Learn how to screen print for real
  • Learn a B chord on a guitar
  • Have a clean office {perpetually left unchecked}
  • Have a kid!
  • Drive to the Grand Canyon
  • Midsomer in Sweden
  • Make a pizza completely from scratch
  • Host a holiday dinner
  • Replace a kitchen backsplash {without hiring a professional}
  • Learn how to format text on this blog without having to copy and paste every. single. time.
  • Acquire a letterpress
  • Make a great summer cocktail, and have a backyard party where people drink it
  • Build a brick patio for the backyard
  • Go back to New Zealand and take a proper camera this time
  • Go back to London and stay out past sundown
  • Go a weekend without my iPhone
  • Learn how to surf?
  • Own a beautiful canoe
  • Learn how to use power tools
  • Master every English-speaking dialect in the world
  • Have a house with a dark room
  • Have a house with a *sauna*
  • Own a piano
  • Maintain this blog regularly (so meta)
  • Write music and record it
  • Play at 7th St. Entry
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Honeymooners VI: Sunset city

HAWAII-0139Kinda rainy here today, so let’s look at pretty sunsets. Hawai’i is a really nice place to look at them, since you’re so close to sea level and all. It’s always sunny on the Kona side. Every day at sundown was like an event. HAWAII-0137HAWAII-0053HAWAII-0059(It took Alan a while to get this shot. I haven’t really taught him how to use the camera yet).HAWAII-0038HAWAII--10HAWAII-0029HAWAII-9848 HAWAII-9597 HAWAII-0034 HAWAII-0062

Still to come: A roundup of ‘Grams

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